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Stainblocker / Apprêt anti-taches

BLOK™ is a clear 100% acrylic based sealer/primer designed to effectively prevent and control the exudation of resin and sap bleeding for new knotty wood substrates (cedar, pine and other resinous wood species).

Product Uses

BLOK™ is designed as a full coat or spot coat application on new resinous wood substrates (pine, cedar, etc.) to prevent and control the exudation of resin, sap bleeding or the appearance of other stains.

Technical Properties

  • 100% acrylic based sealer

  • Solids: 35% +/- 1% per weight

  • No solvents

  • VOC content: < 20 g/L

Dry time

To the touch (1 hour) – Full curing period befor the application of finishing coats – 24 hours

Additional information

Weight 3.78 kg

3.78 L


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